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Two years after the Teifi Trout Association was formed it produced a brochure in 1927, to publicise and promote membership of the club and outline its rules and costs of joining.
The reading of this brochure provides a real step back in time, reminding us of when horses outnumbered cars, differences made between working class men and gentry, and of course, what it cost to go fishing almost ninety years ago.
Excerpt from Teifi Trout Association 1927
Excerpt from Teifi Trout Association 1927
What is surprising, when looking back, is that the main objectives of the club remain almost the same. Yes, there is more work involved nowadays with different pollution problems. fallen trees, banks and access paths to clear, different governing bodies to appease and anyone else who strives to have a say in what we should or should not be doing, the list goes on and on. However, the central concern for those who volunteer to manage the club on a daily basis, is with regard to the habitat and continued health of the fish stocks in our river, exactly as it was in 1927.

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Reproduction of the 1927 TTA Brochure

It is a tragedy for those game rivers that now have to exercise a total catch & release policy, as we feel it is a large part of a game fishers all round enjoyment of the sport, if he is allowed to take the odd fish for the table.
The Teifi Trout Association will do everything possible to avoid the same policy being enforced on our waters and we ask all visiting anglers and members to help us achieve this, initially, by reading through our “Fish Conservation” strategy.

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