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Fish Conservation Strategy

We would like to think that everyone who fishes our waters have conservation of fish stocks uppermost in their minds. It is a fact that our migratory fish are under immense pressure from the various forms of netting that is still allowed to continue at sea and in the estuaries around the UK. Add to this, the fish eating mammals and birds that appear to increase year on year, it leaves the Salmon, who started its life in our waters in a precarious position.

It is difficult to imagine that the “Queen of Welsh Rivers”, the River Teifi could one day be devoid of Atlantic Salmon.

Cormorant in the River Teifi
Otter on the River Teifi


There are four main strands to the clubs strategy for the conservation of Salmon fish stocks in the Teifi.

  1. Catch Returns
  2. Catch Limits
  3. Catch & Release
  4. Habitat Improvement


We cannot stress how important your catch returns are. It is the main source of information available which enables us to know and understand what is happening to our fishing. The Environment Agency also use these figures, together with other data, to determine the policy they adopt for each river. This ranges from suggesting/imposing a reduction in catch limits to a complete ban on the keeping of fish. The policy adopted is reviewed every year.
We urge all members and permit holders to complete their returns; When fish are caught and taken, when fish are caught and returned, and when no fish were caught at all. All day ticket holders are particularly requested to complete their returns as many of you appear to forget and we really do need your help in order to keep our fishing.


Our catch limits are generous compared with other angling clubs on the river and we arrive at those limits by analysing all data available to us and dividing these figures by the number of anglers who fished our waters through the season. Underlining once again how important it is to inform both ourselves and the Environment Agency with information of the number of fish you landed and subsequently kept or released. The following is an outline of our actions to conserve our fish stocks on the Teifi.

All anglers are urged to familiarise themselves with the full bye-laws of the association before fishing any of our waters.


Both the Environment Agency and ourselves would like to see more catch and release carried out this season and in future years in order to allow more fish to spawn. We applaud and would like to thank all anglers who actively practice catch & release as the norm, and remind each other that our future fishing lies in our own hands.

A reminder of good catch and release practice;

  • Return all coloured fish unharmed
  • Return all hen fish
  • Fish with barbless hooks (When possible)
  • Keep fish in water when removing hook
  • Wet hands or use wetted gloves when handling fish.
  • Handle fish as little as possible
 Teifi Trout Association Catch Release


Natural Resources Wales (NRW), encourage a policy of habitat improvement to allow migratory fish to access spawning areas in the upper reaches of the main river and tributaries. Club members should immediately report any potential pollution incidents to NRW.

Teifi Trout Association - Restocking Policy


We began a Salmon stocking programme in 2007, which was confined to TTA waters only. After a period of three years we joined forces with the Teifi Fishermans Federation which meant that we could access more monies to improve the river environment and habitat to further enhance fish stocks. Entering in with the Trust demonstrated to our governing bodies that the angling clubs and riparian owners were united in preserving and improving the River Teifi.

This approach culminated in significant numbers, 242,000 young Salmon Parr and Smolts being released in the tributaries of the river. Natural Resources Wales(NRW),has informed the Club that they do not support salmon stocking and will not renew their permission to stock salmon.

We would like to thank all the very generous members who donated monies to the stocking programme.

We would also like to thank those people who become full members of the TTA who live some distance away yet still manage to visit us 2 or 3 times a year.

Returning a Kelt to River

We hope all visitors to the River Teifi enjoy fishing the waters we control and have good fortune.

Diolch yn fawr!

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our Sponsors and Advertisers that have donated towards this website.

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