A Spate River

The River Teifi is a spate river and as on other rivers the quality of the fishing is dependant on the levels of water flowing downstream.

The Sea trout (Sewin) for instance seems to need very little water in the river to make its migratory runs upstream, often seen or heard, splashing through shallow riffles or jumping over stones and other obstacles.

The Teifi Salmon requires almost the opposite conditions, with good levels of water, often coupled with higher tides, enticing them to make their move and get where they need to be in the river to spawn.

With the above in mind, the ideal weather required for good fishing on the Teifi can only be described as a rarity nowadays. i.e. A good Summer season with occasional rain and a normal autumnal change happening towards the end of August into September.

Over the past few seasons the weather experienced here has been anything but good for fishing, and this has been reflected in our catch returns.

An average number of Sea trout caught in a good summer would be hitting 1600 and Salmon numbers, with reasonable rain in the autumn months, nearing the 600 mark.

The seasonal fluctuations can be easily interpreted when analysing the last three years. Last years weather was by far the worst experienced for fishing on the Teifi for both Salmon and Sea Trout.

It is always a good idea to check with our Fishing Report page.


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