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Over the course of a year, we arrange maintenance parties at various venues to carry out work to enable members to fish in safety and comfort. This work can be challenging, trimming back the bankside undergrowth, strimming, taking off the odd branch and also removing fallen trees, some of which can be very large.
Every season we ask the members to help by giving a little of their time if they can spare it. Sadly, most years we get very little response and the usual 6 or 7 bodies, mainly made up of Committee members do as much as they can under the circumstances.
We would really appreciate seeing a few new faces helping out. We generally meet at the car park in Cenarth on a Sunday morning and spend about 3 or 4 hours on maintenance, doing as much or as little as one can. Members don’t have to come to every one, just any that they fancy. The time they spend is up to them, even an hour would help tremendously. It’s generally quite enjoyable, obviously there’s a good deal of “fishing talk” taking place and it gives one the opportunity of meeting other members and maybe learning more about a particular venue.
If you want your favourite water to be comfortable, safe and easy to fish, try and help if you can. The planned dates for maintenance will be posted on the website, and on the notice board on the Cottage in the car park at Cenarth.
The following photographs are of work carried out two weeks ago.  Committee member Joe is in the seat of the tractor, Members Harry and Pete manned the chainsaws, Committee members Calvin, Mike and Matthew provided the all-important labour ably assisted by Dawn who also provided the photographs. Note the size of some of the trees removed.

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